Xspannsion Soundcast Launch In Beverly Hills


Mark your calendars for a day of champagne, wine, food and podcasting! Walk in network, get interviewed and get healed! We are holding a special Xspannsion Soundcast launch Aug. 27th in Beverly Hills Cal in celebration of launching our first official podcast for artists and entrepreneurs! More to be announced soon. RSVP: http://ezwayrsvp.com 

Get mobile upates by Texting J1 to 55678

A portion of all ticket proceeds goes to benefit our veterans via eZWay Cares 501 c 3 working with DAV and American Legion

Sponsored by Saver Corporation

Xspannsion Exposure Options – Podcast interview, social media, tv, red carpet no more then $199.99



“Xspannsion Soundcast is Blasting Off”



We are constantly bracing ourselves for the next big explosion in technology or the social media sphere. Some breakthroughs you can see coming, while others wow us with an empirical boom! Let’s affix ourselves to Jason Spann, who is launching his inaugural event for Xspannsion TV. He has partnered with EzWay to insure its blastoff!

Spann an entrepreneur is also a Speaker, Podcast Host, a Singer Songwriter as well as the Executive Producer of Xspannsion TV, an aggregated skillset covering six different business sectors. Featured on Gettyimages, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Roku, IHeart, Spotify, Apple Podcast and more, Jason’s most contemporary event is here.

This milestone will take place on August 27th with his new Beverly Hills Studio Podcast called Xspannsion Soundcast! Creating a platform for exposure is critical today so if you are an entrepreneur, entertainer, or an artist with a breakthrough message then this event will guide you through the TV, Blogging and social media levels you will now navigate.

Expanding the profile of businesses, entrepreneurs and artists by allowing them to express their visions on an expansive network of platforms is literally doing it the EzWay. And since proper brand integration has become so vital, channeling your creative optics has as well. Go to Xspann.info to obtain packages on booking information and Jason’s website Xspannsion.com, for a look into the future of branding.

This event will be broadcasted on the EzWay Network as well as Xspannsion TV, its Youtube channel and affiliates. All this is made possible compliments of our the Xspannsion Soundcast official sponsor SarverCorp.com. Sarver Corp has provided employment opportunities for more than 4,000 individuals within a eight-year time frame that consists of Sales Agents from various cultural & ethnic backgrounds that represent many of our Teams throughout all of California, Kansas, Kentucky, Arizona, Arkansas and many more states in the union.

Sarver Corp is committed to helping members of the community who are in need. They promise to serve all of our associates and customers with top quality service and care.

This event is a lightly catered event and will broadcast the first official episode of the Xpsannsion Soundcast, offer interview opportunities via the Xspannsion exposure packages offered at www.xpsannsion.com (click services)


Where: eZWay Podcast Studios 291 La Cienega Blvd Beverly Hills Ca 90211

When: Aug. 27th 6-10 pm PST

Who: Eric Zuley (eZWay Network) Johnny Venokur (The Offer on Paramount Plus Network) Cat Oshman (Celebrity Fashion Designer) Celebrity Chef Eva (Los Angeles Italian Festival

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Email: [email protected]

Phone: 424-209-9290



Aug 27 2022


6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


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